Why Room 2 Roof?


Why Room 2 Roof Restoration

Choosing a Roofing and Storm Restoration company can be a difficult decision, especially after a storm hits your local area and your property has suffered damage from hail, wind or water (or a combination there of) and multiple contractors are now in your neighborhood knocking on your door, flooding your mailbox with flyers, leaving door hangers advertising all kinds of special promotions to entice you and interrupting you with telemarketing calls at all hours of the day that simply tick you off.

Selecting the right contractor to repair your property can be downright frustrating and frightening, especially after the stories you hear on the news about fraudulent roofing contractors ripping off unsuspecting homeowners, shoddy work from less than skilled roofing and siding installers whom are paid a paltry sum for their inferior craftsmanship and restoration companies that slap you with additional charges that were never discussed prior to performing the work on your home, charges that many homeowners cannot afford to pay which in turn leaves you stuck with a lien against your property that can affecting you selling or refinancing your property in the future.

You constantly hear contractors loosely toss around words like Honesty and Integrity, Quality and Experience when in fact many times they are simply that: WORDS and nothing more.

At Room 2 Roof Restoration we back our Words with ACTION and prove to you from the very first time we make contact with you Who we are, What we are about and What we can do for you. We waste no time in educating our customers about Hail, Wind or Water damage, the Insurance claim process, and Technical Product and Installation knowledge and we encourage you to put us to the test.

We also bring PROOF including certifications, awards, affiliations, customer references, license and insurance information and a step by step process with photos in our representative’s field manual describing how we will perform your roofing, siding and restoration work from the minute our crew steps foot on your property to final inspection and warranty presentation.

Room 2 Roof has an extensive training program that all of our employees go through which includes Storm Damage Inspection training from InterNACHI and HAAG, Insurance Claims training from 3RSystems Inc, Manufacturer Product and Installation training, OSHA safety training as well as Sales and Customer service training to ensure that you are treated with respect and professionalism from start to finish.

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