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Asphalt Shingles

By Far The Most Popular Choice For New Roof Installation

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Asphalt shingled roofs are by far the most popular choice for new roofing installations and roof replacement in U.S. today and its not difficult to understand why. There is a large selection of roofing shingle styles and colors from a basic 3 tab with a 25 yr warranty to a premium roof shingle with a limited lifetime warranty, class 4 hail impact resistance and solar reflective granules which can help lower your cooling bills in the spring and summer. Aside from all of this Asphalt shingle roof replacement is usually your most cost effective solution.

Room 2 Roof Restoration believes your Asphalt shingle roofing system should be more than just shingles and felt paper, yet this is what most roofing companies in America today install.

Room 2 Roof Restoration is one of the few roofing companies in the United States that install a complete roofing system designed by the roofing shingle manufacturer which upholds their warranty in the event of a product defect. Room 2 Roof is certified with Certainteed as a Select Shingle Master roofing company and with IKO as a Shield PRO plus roofing contractor which allows us to offer extended warranties and ensures you that our roof installers are certified to install each manufacturers respective products. Another reason to hire Room 2 Roof for your asphalt shingle roof replacement.

Our Complete Asphalt Shingle roofing system consists of:

1.) Ice and Water barrier installed along rakes & eaves…
and in valleys to state or county building codes for your area right after we inspect your roof deck for wood rot and replace bad wood as needed. We also install Ice & Water barrier around vent pipes before new pipe jacks are installed as an extra measure of protection for the years ahead. This is why Room 2 Roof offers a lifetime labor warranty on every Asphalt shingle roof replacement job that we tackle.
2.) We install Drip edge along rakes & eaves…
which will divert water back into your gutter system and away from the edges of of plywood. This is a known area for water intrusion and wood rot on your home or building.
3.) Underlayment is then installed to code over the entire roof decking.
Room 2 Roof has a wide selection of roofing underlayment products available from your standard 15 or 30lb felt paper to premium synthetic underlayment and fiberglass infused felt paper.
4.) New flashing such as step and counter flashing is installed on every…
new roofing job and roof replacement done by Room 2 Roof. We NEVER leave the old flashing in place as many roofers do as a cost saving measure. It is simply not worth the risk of a roof leak in your home or building and potentially losing a great customer. Old flashing is usually damaged by roofing shovels during an Asphalt shingle roof replacement installation during the tear off stages as the roofing shovel can tear the soft aluminum flashings.
5.) Starter course shingles are then installed prior to the asphalt roofing…
shingles. These are designed to seal the overlaying shingles along the perimeter of your home to prevent uplift during high winds and required by the roof manufacturer as part of a roof system warranty.
6.) Your new roof shingles are then installed to the manufacturer’s…
specifications along with any pipe jacks or boots. Room 2 Roof Restoration installs all of our roofing systems using the “storm nailing method” which uses 6 nails per shingle increasing the wind warranty of your roofing system.
7.) Next we install the appropriate amount of ventilation for your home…
or building which can be a combination of ridge vent, soffit vent or powered attic fans. This will prevent your new roof from prematurely aging and possibly voiding the roofing manufacturers warranty.
8.) Hip & Ridge shingles are installed last which are specially designed…
shingles made for the roof ridge and hips that are pre cut to size and include a thicker nailing strip to prevent them from being torn off in high winds. Many Roofers cut 25 yr 3 tab shingles and use them as hip and ridge capping which can void your roof warranty, especially when using premium roofing products.
9.) After your roof installation is complete we use high temperature…
accessory paint to color match all pipes and roof vents for a picture perfect finish, not many roofing companies spend time on the extras that really make your new roof stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.

“I am very pleased with my new roof. Joyce and I would like to thank your company for all that you did with my insurance claim. It behooves me to think a big copany such as Allstate can treat a life long customer the way they did by denying my initial claim when we had the storm come through and all my neighbors got new roofs. I am eternally grateful to your company and the good folks there like Tracy and Mike who fought the good fight for us. I will be certain to tell all my friends at church about you folks and get you some more business. God Bless you all,”

Jerry and Joyce C

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Hail & Wind Damage Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement


Room 2 Roof Restoration specializes in Asphalt shingle roof replacement from Hail & Wind damage. The Team at Room 2 Roof is dedicated to restoring your property to “better than new condition” in a swift professional manner. We handle every step of the Insurance claim process for you as part of our storm restoration services.

Most Roofing companies do not have the expertise or qualified staff to properly inspect for hail and wind damage or to negotiate the scope of loss with an Insurance adjuster. At Room 2 Roof We make sure all damages are covered at correct regional contractor pricing. Room 2 Roof is members of the United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors and take great pride in conducting our business with the highest Integrity. We guarantee your new Asphalt shingle roofing system and your satisfaction with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Thank you for visiting Room 2 Roof we look forward to assisting with your asphalt shingle roof replacement and guarantee to exceed your expectations.

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Room 2 Roof Restoration is 100% certified to inspect your roof
Room 2 Roof Restoration is 100% certified to inspect your roof

Room 2 Roof Restoration is a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association

Room 2 Roof Restoration maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau