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Slate Roofing

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The durability and beauty of slate continues to make it one of the most desirable roofs available. However, removing old slate roofs and installing new ones is no easy task, often reserved for only the most experienced installers. Trust Room 2 Roof with your new slate roof!

Slate roofing has stood the test of time, unfortunately finding a company that has the experience to properly install or repair a slate roof is dwindling as time rolls on. The Old world craftsmen that installed slate for centuries have all but vanished and their is a void to be filled that very few roofing contractors know how to do. Room 2 Roof Restoration fills that void and has the right crew to install or repair your slate roofing system. We even install the new synthetic slate products that are gaining popularity with the look of real slate at a fraction of the cost and weight!

The color of slate is determined by its chemical and mineralogical composition. Since these factors differ in various localities, it is possible to obtain roofing slates in a variety of colors and shades. Upon exposure to the weather, all slate is changed slightly in color. The extent of this color change varies with different slate beds, being barely perceptible in certain slates. Those slates in which the color changes but slightly are classed as “permanent” or “unfading.” Those in which the color change is more marked and varied are known as “semi-weathering” and “weathering” slates.

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Room 2 Roof Restoration is 100% certified to inspect your roof
Room 2 Roof Restoration is 100% certified to inspect your roof

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