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James Hardie is the industry leader in fiber cement board production. It is not uncomon for people to refered to fiber cement siding generically as Hardie board,forgetting it is merely a brand name. James Hardie fiber cement siding comes in several different types for different job needs and home preferences. The company sells lap siding, shingle type siding and vertical siding.

Many homeowners opt for Hardie board siding since it comes complete with a 30-year warranty, is sold in various colors, and is created for every climate need. Hardie fiber cement is sturdy and durable and weighs a bit more than most other brands.


Certainteed Weatherboards
certainteed weatherboard Fiber Cement Siding

CertainTeed has been in the market since 1904, and so, has years of experience in the siding business. As with other brands, CertainTeed is resistant to mold, fungus, and insects. It is durable enough to sustain high winds

CertainTeed offers more options in variety and styles than other siding companies. Its lap siding is sold in various brands such as smooth or cedar lap, smooth lap, smooth or textured beaded lap, and textured dutch lap. In addition, cedar and smooth lap are sold in various lengths. All of these options are sold in select colors. CertainTeed’s vertical siding is sold in cedar no groove vertical panel, 8-inch groove vertical panel, smooth, and stucco vertical panel. All four are available in various lengths and select colors. CertainTeed Weather Boards are a green product using recycled materials. However, the use of recycled materials does not jeopardize the strength and durability of CertainTeed products. CertainTeed also comes with a warranty of around 25 to 50 years depending on the particular product chosen.

CertainTeed Weatherboards

Fiber Cement Siding

CertainTeed Weatherboards provides exceptional level of both quality and beauty for your home. Learn more her about the advantages of using CertainTeed Weatherboards on your home today.

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