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Gutters & Downspouts


Rain gutters collect the rainwater from your roof and channel it away from your foundation, driveway and porches. They protect these parts of your homes from water damage and staining. Clogged gutters allow water to spill over onto driveways, porches, and the ground next to the foundation. This situation can lead to widespread damage of your home, especially rotting fascia board and roof damage!

Installing new gutters and downspouts is one of the easiest & affordable ways to protect your Charlotte area home. Replacing old, clogged or damaged gutters with new Seamless gutters including larger downspouts and a no leaf system will protect your home by improving the drainage around the foundation which is vital to your home’s stability.

New gutters will also protect your fascia boards and soffit because a clogged, overflowing gutter system can saturate the wood causing decay to the exterior which will eventually allow water to enter the interior structure causing more damage.

Gutters can also add beauty as we install many styles & colors including half round gutters and various styles of no leaf systems suited for your home according to your roof pitch. We can build you new Gutters on site and have them installed in just a few hours.

Gutter Cleaning

clogged-gutter-by-akeg[1] One of the least performed but vital tasks around North carolina homes is Gutter Cleaning. When you keep your charlotte gutters clean you avoid many costly repairs such as Fascia & soffitt damage, Roof decking damage, Interior water damage and of course Gutter damage from all those wet, nasty leaves weighing down on them. Room 2 Roof offers very reasonable prices for Gutter cleaning in the Charlotte area so there really is no reason to have yours cleaned out today!

Leaf Guard/No Clog systems

We offer the Best No Clog gutter protection systems in charlotte nc to suit your needs and budget. Most Charlotte NC Gutter contractors are providing a disservice to customers by only offering one solution because a No clog gutter protection system depends on your roof’s pitch as some gutter helmets only work properly with lower sloped roof pitches and others work better with a steeper roof pitch. You can Trust the Professionals at Room 2 Roof to recommend the best system for your charlotte nc roof’s pitch and your pocketbook or wallet.

Hail Damage Gutter Replacement

Since Room 2 Roof is a complete Storm Restoration company we can easily assess the Hail damage that occured to your home and Gutters are usually one of the worst damaged items we find aside from your Roof. This is simply because most gutters are comprised of a lightweight aluminum designed to carry rainwater away from your foundation and cannot withstand the impact of hail stones that dent, ding and accumulate like ice cubes inside the gutter causing them to bend and come loose from your fascia board. If you believe you may have damage to your home from a recent storm call us at 888 550-HAIL and we will send someone out right away for a Free Storm Damage Inspection of your home or building’s exterior components.

We offer Free Gutter cleaning & Inspection with every Roofing, Siding, Window replacement or Exterior Painting Job