Most home-owners struggle when trying to find the source of a roof leak. Typically the leak in question will allow water to travel in the attic to the path of least resistant before gravity will take over and cause the water to fall to a horizontal surface. The distance that water can travel from the point of origin often times may be 15’-20’.

In many instances water will accumulate for quite a while before spotting and staining will appear in a visible place. The concern is mold and mildew only need 12 hours to start growing. Upon sighting water stains it is imperative to contact a roofing contractor to identify and repair the leak.

Finding a roofing contractor to give you a written multi point inspection can be difficult. Be sure to find a contractor willing to list all of the potential points of entry and eliminating non-leaking areas one by one.

At Room 2 Roof we will perform a thorough inspection, find the cause of the problem and then repair your roof and warranty our repair.

We check all major roof components including:

  • Chimney Flashing and Chimney caps
  • Step and Counter flashings along walls and dormers
  • Vents and Furnace pipes
  • Pipe jacks
  • Ridge ventilation
  • Valleys and valley metal
  • Skylights
  • Fascia/Soffit and areas along eaves and rakes where Ice Dams may occur
  • Shingles will be inspected for nail pops and holes, fracturing, creasing and missing shingles
  • Metal Roofs are inspected to ensure panels are fit properly, exposed washers are not dry rotted and fasteners are secured properly
  • Flat Roofs are inspected for proper pitch, drainage, cracking and punctures of the material especially on older flat roofs