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Heavy rains are headed our way – Is your Roof Leak proof?


Is You Roof -Leak Proof??

We receive most of our calls from potential customers during a period of heavy rainfall because water is leaking into their home. When someone calls we immediately send out one of our repair men to find the cause of the leak and perform the repair. There are many causes of a roof leak but nothing beats a little preventative maintenance to avoid issues in the first place am I right??

So before you wind up reaching for buckets to catch the drips, call the Team that know their ummmm.. Stuff! Hail, Wind, Improper installation by your previous Roofer, Mechanical damage or Age can all attribute to a Leaky Roof. Contact Room 2 Roof for Free Roof Inspection at 888 550-4245 today or submit a request through our website http://www.room2roofrestoration.com.

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NC Hail & Wind Damage 6-13-13 – Roofing – Siding – Storm Restoration


NC HAIL & WIND DAMAGE – Roofing – Siding – Storm Restoration

The Winds picked up rapidly and tore shingles off of Roofs and pieces of Siding were spit out into the yard yesterday as the Rains rolled in and brought Hail up to 1.75″ in some areas of North Carolina. Many of the homes and business’ affected were in Concord NC, Charlotte NC, Monroe NC and surrounding towns. The power was knocked out for several hours and trees were uprooted in the hardest hit areas.

Room 2 Roof Restoration is here to Help! As a licensed General contractor in NC, UASRC member, A+ BBB Rated and Angie’s List approved Roofing and Storm Restoration contractor.

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Siding That Suites Your Lifestyle

Mastic Siding

Siding plays a major role in your homes aesthetics. Finding siding that accomplishes all of your home’s needs can sometimes prove to be difficult. Most people can find a style of siding that they like but that doesn’t mean that it will work with their home or the their budget. When looking for the perfect siding to put on your home you should consider 5 things.

Budget – It is import to establish a preliminary baseline budget for your project. We have a few simple tips when trying to establish a siding budget. You need to know how many ‘squares’ of siding your home requires. A ‘square’ is a unit of measurement representing a 10’x10’ area. Most major brands of siding are sold in squares. You can either measure this yourself or ask a contractor to measure it for you. Either way you should add 15% wast factor on to your number. The waste factor will give you little bit of cushion depending on the complexity of your homes exterior. Once you know how many squares you will need now you can begin to get ‘per square’ pricing on both material and labor. Take your per square for material and labor price multiplied by how many squares with waste and that will give you a tentative estimate for a particular project. Remember that this is for establishing a “baseline budget” only. There will be a variety of hidden items that you are not able to account for. The exercise will simply help you to see the price differences between products. Now that you have established a baseline budget you can eliminate some of the products that maybe to expensive.

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Metal Roofing

metal-roof-on-a-house-room2roof-restorationAlthough the popularity of metal roofing has greatly increased in recent years, many people in America are not familiar with this type of roofing material. There are many misconceptions and unanswered questions regarding metal roof products. Metal roofing provides many benefits over conventional roofing materials. It is durable, long lasting, saves money over the long term and provides a comfortable environment for your family because many metal roofs come in “cool colors” which have the ability to lower your cooling costs during the warmer months.

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