Storm Damage


Room 2 Roof specializes in Storm restoration services from hail, wind and water damage which makes the way we operate quite different from your traditional roofing or remodeling contractor. Our job is to assist our customers before filing a claim with a free inspection to evaluate the extent of storm damage. We also provide any emergency services needed such as tarping off a roof or cleaning up standing water so mold doesn’t take root causing health issues and greater damage to the home and expense to your insurance carrier.

Our job is to represent you through the insurance claim process by meeting with your adjuster and making sure that he or she is shown all of the damages that we’ve discovered. We make sure those damages are paid for at current fair contractor market rates for your area. You will not have this kind of service or representation from your typical contractor, roofer or remodeler because they have no idea in most cases what the insurance process consists of. Usually because of lack of knowledge concerning storm restoration insurance claims you may actually bear a greater expense than your deductible which is all that is required for our homeowners to cover by law.

24hr Hotline


Contact us if you have questions, or to report Emergency Damage


Hail Damage


Hail Damage Restoration Insurance claims cause billions of dollars in damage to properties annually, if you’ve had a significant hail storm recently or within the past two years it would be a wise decision to call a professional.

Wind Damage


Wind damage to residential homes and commercial buildings from Hail storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Tropical depressions costs Property owners and Insurance companies billions of dollars per year in repairs.

Water Damage


If not dealt with properly and swiftly water intrusion and flooding can cause major damage to the interior and exterior of existing structures and endanger the health of occupants.

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