Wind Damage

How to Identify Hail Damage


Wind damage to residential homes and commercial buildings from Hail storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Tropical depressions costs Property owners and Insurance companies billions of dollars per year in repairs and can vary from a few missing shingles on your roof to the complete destruction of your greatest investment.

Wind damage may not always be visible from the ground. Oftentimes, what appears to the homeowner from the ground as minor damage such as one or two shingles missing, compounds into total roof damage down the road? It is very important to have a qualified roofing professional inspect your home after any major windstorm to assess damage.

Q: How do I know if my Roofing system has been Damaged by Wind?

A: After high winds have hit your area you will usually see tell tale signs of Wind damage to your Roofing system such as: pieces of shingles in yard or bushes,missing shingles on the roof, tree limbs and branches on the roof and in the yard and lifted shingles. Sometimes the damage is not as visible from the ground so calling a professional to perform an inspection is the best and safest option for you. We will get up on the roof and inspect for creased shingles and broken seals which are sometimes not visible from the ground. DO NOT WAIT until your roof springs a leak because at that point you will have far more damage to your home such as mold, wet insulation & drywall and wood damage to floors, framing paneling and trim.

Q: When should I file an Insurance claim?

A: You should only consider filing a claim for Wind damage after you’ve had a professional with Storm Inspection experience asses the damage your home or building. If you call the Insurance company to file a claim without having the damage properly assessed and your claim is denied it goes on your record so you want to be sure there is enough damage to warrant filing a claim, by calling Room 2 Roof Restoration we can come and evaluate the damages to your Roof wind damage to roofing shingles courtesy of Room 2 Roof Restoration USAand home’s exterior for Free and also assist with the claims process from start to finish in the event you do need your Roof or exterior components replaced.

Q: Is Wind damage covered under the Manufacturers warranty?

A: Wind damage can be covered under the manufacturers warranty and is usually included their shingle warranty up to a specific MPH depending on the type of shingle your home has installed on it, however in many cases of Wind damage that has caused a roofing system to fail, were the installers fault due to lack of knowledge of proper installation methods which is another valid point for hiring a Manufacturer certified Roofing contractor like Room 2 Roof Restoration.

Q: What damage is covered by my Insurance company?

A: Your insurance company will cover any damages that have resulted from the storm if they find that damages have not occurred due to improper installation of your Roof. If the damages are less than your deductible you won’t even receive a check which is another reason for having your home or building properly inspected by a reputable company.

Q: What to do after a Wind Storm:

A: CAUTION: Stay inside if you notice Power lines are down around your property and call the appropriate Utility company at once. You may also notice tree limbs and debris strewn about the neighborhood which can also be dangerous to you and your family.

After a wind storm, it is important to have a qualified roofing contractor perform a thorough roof inspection to determine the amount of damage caused to your residence as soon as possible because exposure to the elements can cause serious water damage to home with just one rainfall.

In the event of extreme wind damage to your home such as with a Hurricane or a Tornado, you may need a licensed General Contractor with years of “Hands On” experience in all phases of the building trades paired with the responsiveness of a Storm Restoration professional to provide emergency services and then properly handle your Insurance claim by negotiating with your Insurance adjuster to ensure that everything is paid for and repaired to “Better than New” condition as quickly as possible so you and your family’s lives can return to normal. This is a good time to contact Room 2 Roof Restoration.

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